About me

A healer of Hearts...

I thought I was happy, content, comfortable living my life a few years ago. 

Like most people just trying to make the best of it.

Little did I know back then how depressed I actually was, how numbed and checked-out of the aliveness that is possible when we fully embrace and accept every aspect of ourselves and learn how to truly Love every part that makes us human.

And so, I got a kick in the butt so to speak. Life gave me an opportunity to start creating the life I so deeply desired in my heart but gave up on long ago out of fear, out of limiting beliefs, out of believing my thoughts of unworthiness and keeping me small and separated. 

The relationship with the father of my son ended. And although it was my choice it was the beginning of an intense healing journey for me, releasing a lot of trauma, family patterns and conditioning. It was quite the roller coaster ride for me. 

I went from place to place, staying with friends, traveling back and forth, living in a trailer home in the forrest. I was broke, depressed and at times suicidal. When I thought I could not sink any deeper I did. There were times it felt I could not bare anymore. There were times it felt inhumane and insane the amount of emotions and trauma release I went through in three years time. And yet there was something deep inside me present that trusted. There was a wisdom behind all this I could feel.

The day I learned how to love myself everything changed 

The day I learned that I AM self-sourced, to not be dependent on a relationship or circumstance for me to feel loved or grounded or stability within, the suffering ended. My heart opened to everything. the resistance dropped away. I could hold myself though anything.

The day I chose to radically love myself first and foremost I could breathe again. 

I could feel relaxation in my body. 

I could feel joy. 

I could feel myself so deeply and this time  not just the pain which I knew very well, but I could feel  the love, the inner peace, the pleasure, and the excitement. I stopped arguing and resisting life. I started to accept, surrender and Love.

This is what I love to pass on 

This is what I am here to offer. 

To make the journey of others lighter, with more ease and relaxation.

What I offer you is my Heart.
And I like to show you there is no difference between your heart and mine. 

We are one Heart.